Introduction of our Jeju facilities

Establishment of BK Bio Jeju Facilities

After ceaseless research into the world’s best clean mineral lavawater found only in Jeju and eco-friendly plant resources, we have come to establish a state-of-the-art institute for producing biomaterials at Jeju’s Lava Seawater Industrial Complex, located in a clean zone in the east part of Jeju.
We aim to produce functional mineral waters to functional foods, cosmetics and innovative biomaterials at pharmaceuticals levels. With a 10 billion won investment, our revolutionary production basewas completed in 2014, as Jeju’s largest and specializing in biomaterials.

Jeju facilities

Bird’s eye view of BK Bio Jeju Facilities

Jeju Facilities

What is lava seawater?

Whenseawater from the sea meets underground freshwater, a dividing line of brackish water is created. Lava seawater is found at the bottom of this brackish water line. Like deep seawater, lava seawater has a wide range of uses, including drinking water and beverages, food, cosmetics, salt, fertilizers, spa, and culturing marine resources.

Jeju Facilities