Imported materials

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Functional materials

Product nameMain functionPacking unitOrigin
IgY(Immunoglobulin Yolk)Anti-helicobacter, anti-caries, anti-periodontitis, anti-rotavirus, anti-candida, diet product2kgJapan/Republic of Korea
Hibiscus ExtractHCA 42~47%10kgGermany
ProbioticsActivates bowel movement and strengthens immune system, DuPont Danisco Lactobacillus, Biosearch (Spain) Milk Lactobacillus1kgUSA/Spain
Pinno ThinPinolenic(C18:3) >14%, appetite suppressant200kgUSA
Dietary FiberDietary Fiber >90%, incl. oat, apple, flour, pureed soybean20kgGermany/France/USA
PhosphatidylserinePS >22%(liquid), >40%(powder), improves cognition ability and moisturizes skin10kgRepublic of Korea

Probiotics (Lactobacillus)

Product nameMain functionPacking unitOrigin
CECT5716Lactobacillus fermentum(Hereditum® Probiotic)1KGBiosearch / SPAIN
CECT5714Lactobacillus gasseri (Hereditum® Probiotic)1KGBiosearch / SPAIN
CECT5713Lactobacillus salivarius (Hereditum® Probiotic)1KGBiosearch / SPAIN
CECT7263Bifidobacterium breve (Hereditum® Probiotic)1KGBiosearch / SPAIN
HOWARU Bifido 300BBifidobacterium lactis HN019 (DANISCO : HOWARU® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
HOWARU Dophilus 200BLactobacillus acidophilus NCFM(DANISCO : HOWARU® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
HOWARU Rhamnosus 450BLactobacillus Rhamnosus HN001(DANISCO : HOWARU® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
Bb-02 450BB.bifidum/B.lactis Blend (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
Bb-06 100BBifidobacterium bifidum (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
Bb-03 300BBifidobacterium breve (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
Bl-04 500BBifidobacterium lactis (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
Bl-05 100BBifidobacterium longum (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
La-14 200BLactobacillus acidophilus (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
Lbr-35 200BLactobacillus brevis (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
Lb-87 50BLactobacillus bulgaricus (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
Lc-11 300BLactobacillus casei (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
Lg-36 200BLactobacillus gasseri (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
Lpc-37 400BLactobacillus paracasei (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
Lp-115 400BLactobacillus plantarum (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
Lr-32 200BLactobacillus rhamnosus (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
Ls-33 300BLactobacillus salivarius (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
Ll-23 300BLactobacillus lactis (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A
St-21 400BStreptococcus thermophilus (DANISCO : Florafit® Probiotic)1KGDUPONT / U,S.A

Functional Sugars

Product nameMain functionPacking unitOrigin
CyclodextrinReduces bitterness, masking, Cyclodextrin >20%(Liquid form), B-Cyclodextrin 100%25kgJapan
GalactooligosaccharideGalactooligosaccharide 70%, Bacillus bifidus proliferation, low calories, low dental caries25kgJapan
White grape syrupSicilian white grapes from Italy 100%, Glucose 35%, Fructose 35%25kg, 271kg Italy
Tapioca syrupDE 35~45, 80 brix, prevents crystallization, viscosity and property adjustment20kgThailand

Dairy Fat

Product nameMain functionPacking unitOrigin
Milk phosphatideEnhances infant brain activity, growth and immune system, phosphatide 6 – 8%, Ganglioside 0.22%, Sphingomyelin 1.4%25kgBelgium
Natural OPOWorld’s first natural source, enhances absorption of Calcium and nutrients in the intestine tenue, OPO 16 – 20%17kg, 200kg Belgium
Milk CholesterolEssential nutrients for infant cell development, Vitamin D3 synthesis, Cholesterol 35 ~95%17kg, 200kg Belgium
AMF(Anhydrous Milk Fat)Milk fat >99.9%, for baking and sauces10kg, 25kg Belgium
Butter natural scentFruity/Caramel/Dairy scent, for baking and sauces20kg, 25kg Belgium
Low fat AMF30% less saturated fat compared to ordinary AMF, Saturated Fat: 46g/100g17kg, 200kg Belgium
Low cholesterol AMF80% less cholesterol compared to ordinary AMF, cholesterol: 60mg/100g25kgBelgium
Cream baseMilk cream base, incl. whipping cream, ice cream10kg, 25kg Belgium


Product nameMain functionPacking unitOrigin
Natural fruit and vegetables extracts23 types of fruit and vegetables extracts from the Mediterranean, 4,000ORAC/g25kgGermany
Olive leaf extractHydroxytyrosol> 6%25kgGermany
Green tea extractCatechin >65%20kgIndia/China/Republic of Korea
TheaninTheanine 10, 20, 40, 90%20kgChina/Republic of Korea
Bitterness reduction CatechinCatechin>70%, Maintains green tea’s biological activity, catechin with reduced bitterness,20kgChina/Republic of Korea
Grape seed extractPolyphenol >95%, OPC 30%, 40%20kgGermany
Grape PolyphenolPolypheol >92%, Anthocyanins >2% 20kgGermany
ResveratrolResveratrols> 15 mg/g 5kg, 20kg Germany


Product nameMain functionPacking unitOrigin
9 types of berry concentrates64.5~67.5 brix, Blackcurrants, Blueberries, Strawberries, Aronias, Cherries, Elderberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Cranberries200kg Imported
Palm concentrate69~72.7 brix270kg Belgium
Golden apple concentrate70 brix280kgIran
Banana concentrate65 brix25kgIsrael
Wine concentrate52~58 brix25kgGermany


Product nameMain functionPacking unitOrigin
Rice bran extractPhytic Acid 41~45%, reduces pH without functional change and contains microorganisms25kgJapan
ProteinsProtein from milk and beansImported
Plant extractExtract from over 300 types of plantsEurope/China

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